Fascinating Facts

Fascinating Facts

Do you want to find out some little-known interesting facts about Andalucia’s most famous towns, cities and pastimes? Which films were shot in Seville, why the Mezquita was built with its pillared arches, which Beatle loved Almeria, who brought golf to Andalucia?

Our Fascinating Facts series are five snippet-sized unusual pieces of information about well-known places you’re likely to visit while you’re in Andalucia.


Did you know that a English landscape artist whose paintings are in Tate Britain lived in the hilltown? More >


A German prince set this glamorous resort with famously clement climate on the road to fame and fortune. More >

Sevilla City

From the Romans to the Moors, the Spanish Inquisition, and two Expos: Andalucia’s capital city has seen it all. More >

Cadiz City

The historic port city has doubled up as Havana in a James Bond movie.
More >

Cadiz Carnaval

Being banned under Franco wasn’t enough to stop one of Andalucia’s craziest parties.
More >


A new mosque has revived the city’s links with its Muslim past, where baths bloomed and the Alhambra’s designs carried messages. More >

Malaga City

As well as the castles and Picasso, did you know there’s an English cemetery where writer Gerald Brenan is buried? More >


The secret behind the Mezquita’s arches, some unusual museums and famous scholars.
More >


Columbus set sail from near here, and his ships were built and crewed by Onubenses. More >


As well as sherry, the city is famous for its horses and flamenco. More >


Andalucia’s least-known provincial capital, renowned for its olive oil, still has its Moorish baths. More >


This unspoiled beach town with vast prehistoric caverns is close to the Axarquia’s pretty hilltop villages. More >


One of the Beatles’ most personal songs was written here.
More >


Natural and historical wonders in and around this medieval hill town, from dolmens to flamingoes. More >


One of Andalucia’s hippest towns, the windsurfing mecca is a short hop from Morocco.
More >


Over 100 golf courses, from desert to mountain to seaside; and (like football) it all started with the Brits in Huelva. More >


Love it or hate it, the sport’s home is Andalucia, and matadors enjoy celebrity status. More >

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