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Festivals in Andalucía © Sophie Careful
Festivals in Andalucía © Sophie Careful


There is no better way to get to know the Andalucians than through their many and fascinating traditional festivals. The local fiesta is the moment when every town and village strives to put on a splendid show, not only for themselves but also for those who come from afar to admire and enjoy. Over 3,000 fiestas are celebrated every year in Andalucia, including fairs, pilgrimages, carnivals, mock battles between Moors and Christians and religious processions. Each town and village has at least one patron saint and the processions in their name.  In fact, there is scarcely a day in the year without its fiesta. 


Below is our descriptive guide to the more popular festivals taking place each year. They are listed more or less in the order that they take place in the year. Alternatively consult a larger listing of the Festivals and Fiestas in Andalucia in a month by month format.  Also consult our list of the summer ferias and this extensive guide to the  main modern music and dance festivals.

Traditional Festivals in Andalucia

Traditional Festivals Monthly Guide

A month by month guide to traditional festivals in Andalucía. More >

Three Kings

Perhaps the most important part of Christmas in Spain. More >


Lively carnival celebrations take place across Andalucía. More >

Easter - Holy Week

Celebrate Semana Santa with luxurious processions.
More >

Spring Fairs

Seville's Spring Fair is famous worldwide.
More >

May Crosses

May is a month of special celebration in Córdoba. More >

Cordoba Patios

Local residents open their patios for public viewing. More >

Jerez Horse Fair

A spectacular equestrian event in Jerez. More >

Virgen del Carmen

This festival is celebrated on the 16th of July. More >

Summer Fairs

A common way to enjoy the cool of nights during summer. More >


Romerías to local shrines are popular in Andalucía. More >

El Rocio

El Rocio takes place over the weekend before Pentecost. More >

Corpus Christi

Featuring solemn and magnificent processions. More >

San Juan

Celebration on the beach including bonfires, drink, food and friends. More >

Sanlucar Horeraces

Horseracing on the golden san of Sanlúcar. More >

Málaga Feria

August is a week-long street party with flamenco and 'fino'. More >

Goyesca Ronda

Ronda's Feria Goyesca is pure pageantry.
More >

Vendimia Festival

The grape harvest accompanied by a celebration. More >

Moors & Christians

These take place in Granada and Almeria. More >

Patron Saints Day

Patron Saints which are dutifully honoured on their days. More >

Winter Festivals

Winter holidays take on a special flavour in Andalucía. More >

All Saints Day

Todos los Santos is a public holiday in Spain. More >

Christmas Festivals

Andalucia is filled with celebrations at Christmas. More >

All Fools Day

28 December is the day to play your favourite jokes. More >


The Verdiales Music Festival also takes place on 28 December. More >

New Year's Eve

Tradition to down your 12 grapes by the chimes of the clock. More >

International Interest

A honorary title awarded to about 56 festivals in Spain. More >

Beyond Andalucia

Spain is known world-wide as a country of many fiestas. More >

Cadiz Province

Cadiz Province Festivals. More >

Contemporary Festivals

Music and Dance

There are hundreds of music and dance festivals in Andalucia. More >

Cherry Festival

Celebrated with eating, drinking and dancing. More >


The Dreambeach music festival in Almeria. More >

Andres Segovia

In November the International Classical Guitar Competition takes place. More >


A list of theatre festivals in Andalucía. More >

Granada Music Festival

For more than half a century this amazing festival of international music and dance has brought some of the world’s best musicians and dance performers to Granada More >

Starlite Festival

Month-long music and cultural event held in July / August at the Cantera de Nagüeles, in Marbella. More >

Sabinillas full Moon Festival

Since 2011 Sabinillas has hosted a full moon festival every July / August on its beaches More >

‘Festival de la Luna Mora' in Guaro

or Festival of the Moorish Moon. Held over first or second weekend in September i More >

Arte Sano Festival

Arte Sano Festival is the biggest free alternative festival on the Costa del Sol, and takes place on the last weekend in July on San Pedro Alcántara seafront. More >

Encuentros de Arte

A bi-annual summer art festival which takes place in Genalguacil, near Gaucin in Malaga province. More >

More information

Hopefully this overall guide has been a help in planning your trip or in understanding the many varied festivals of the the region. For more dates try our events home page or look up an individual town in our destinations section.

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