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Andalucia is extremely well-connected for international visitors, with thousands
Andalucia is extremely well-connected for international visitors, with thousands of flights arriving from all over Europe every day. © Catherine Cunningham

Flights To And From Andalucia 

Andalucia is extremely well-connected for international visitors, with thousands of flights arriving from all over Europe every day. There are six main airports in the region - five in Andalucia itself (Malaga, Seville, Granada, Jerez and Almeria), plus Gibraltar, which is handy for the Costa de la Luz (south of Cadiz) and western Costa del Sol (west of Malaga).

Faro airport on the Algarve of Portugal also serves Huelva. Murcia and Alicante airports also serve eastern Andalucia.

On the following pages we list the airlines that offer direct flights to and from the Andalucia airport with the UK airports, Spanish airports and European airports.



Low Cost Flights and deals 

It's always worth searching the internet for cheap deals, especially for airports served by many airlines, such as Malaga. These days, you can fly from airports throughout the UK direct to Malaga, with even more routes and flights available during the holiday season (April to October). Malaga is one of the most important destinations for the numerous low-cost airlines.

Flights from outside Europe generally arrive via either Madrid or Barcelona airports, although a few intercontinental arrivals now come directly into Malaga.

Scheduled Flights

Flights to Spain

Cheap flights to Andalucia, including Malaga, are common from many European countries, particularly Britain, Germany and Scandinavia during the holiday season), thanks to the plethora of low-cost airlines, such as Ryanair, Easyjet and Jet2. The cheapest Spanish destination from Britain is Malaga, with fares as low as 50 euro one way. If you're travelling from Britain to the western Costa del Sol or the Costa de la Luz, you can also fly via Gibraltar or Jerez; fares are similar to flights to Malaga.


Cities which are popular for short breaks are Seville (also handy for the western Costa de Luz, near Huelva), Malaga and Granada, which both have their own airports, while Almeria serves the up-and-coming, thankfully still unspoilt, Costa de Almeria.

Deals on National Carriers

Fares on flights with major national carriers (BA, Iberia) to and from Spain have fallen in recent years due to increased competition from low-cost airlines, although they are still high compared with budget and charter fares. Low-cost carriers such as Ryanair, Easyjet and Jet2 have forced Spain's state-owned carrier, Iberia (whose own budget offshoot is called Vueling), to reduce its national fares drastically.

If you're unable to get a direct flight to Andalucia, it's usually advisable to fly via London, from where you can catch daily flights to one of the region's airports.

During the holiday season (April to October), charter companies, such as Mytravel, First Choice and ThompsonFly offer extra flights, as well as further routes from additional airports in the UK and around Europe, offering you an even wider choice of how to get to Andalucia for your summer break.




There are several international airports in Andalucia of which Malaga - Costa delSol is by far the most popular.  Here are our guides to each one.  Malaga, Seville, Granada, Jerez, Almeria and Gibraltar plus adjacent ones at Faro and Murcia and Alicante. More information on the Andalucia airports page, and our airport statistics page.   


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